Is Breast Reconstruction A Possible Option for Me?

You may have heard of the phenomenon that is the phantom limb. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it is the ability to feel sensations and even pain in a limb or limbs that no longer exist. Some illnesses can do that to you—take things away from you that you never thought you would lose. Cancer is one such illness and sometimes, the only thing you can do is cut it away—even if it takes part of it with you.

According to this website about Des Moines breast reconstruction, breast cancer is one such cancer that has that effect as some men and women opt to choose mastectomy (otherwise known as the removal of one or both breasts) in order to either remove the cancer or as a preventative measure against breast cancer, especially for those at high risk. Yes, men can also get this type of cancer as well.

As might be expected, cutting part of you away can be a difficult but sometimes necessary decision to make. However, recent technological advancements have allowed for treatments and procedures in order to make up the loss of what has been taken, with procedures such as breast reconstruction, and the like.

Some people opt to have their breast reconstruction done immediately after the breast removal, in order to preserve skin and the reconstructed breast would then look better and more natural. Some have said that it will not replace what has been taken but having it reconstructed allows for there to, at least, be some semblance of normalcy and it can make surviving the cancer that much easier to live with.

If breast reconstruction is a viable option for your own personal situation, however, it is important to first consult with your physician to properly understand your circumstances as well as be in full knowledge of what breast reconstruction will do. Everyone’s situations are different but sometimes, it can be invigorating to have the liberty to choose.


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