Can Morcellators Really Be Dangerous?

Technology has leapt leaps and bounds these last few decades alone. Such is the way of science and technology, going forward is the only way to go. However, take caution—science, for years, has proven itself to be a fallible body of knowledge. More and more things are being discovered to prove false claims over and over again.

Take, for example, the cases involving morcellators.

Morcellators are surgical tools meant for laparoscopic procedures. These procedures are ones done with minimal intrusion which allows for the patient to experience lessened pain as well as a faster time for recovery. Unfortunately, according to, there are some cases that have led to patients complaining of being caused further injury after their procedures involving morcellators. According to the FDA, in certain situations, use of these devices can lead to the spread of cancerous tissue further throughout the body. They “strongly encourage doctors to inform their patients of the risk of spreading unsuspected cancer from the use of these devices.”

Noncancerous growths are the ones that morcellators target. The device is inserted into the body, the noncancerous growth is then morcellated (or pulverized), the claw-like attachment at the end of the device would then latch on to the morcellated growth, then suction it away. However, patients who had gone through this treatment have then filed complaints that they have since then acquired endometrial cancer due to the laparoscopic procedure.

It can be difficult to know that something that you had believed and trusted could be the same procedure that would cause you further pain. Recompense for not only the medical expenses that these unfortunate side-effects will indubitably cause but as well as the hurt and trauma that this kind of situation brings into any family is something that is not only completely warranted but also well deserved.


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